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Cocktail Intense Eau De Parfum by Fragrance World 100ml Perfume Spray

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Cocktail Intense Eau De Parfum by Fragrance World

Embrace the warmth and coziness of the season with Cocktail Intense by Fragrance World. This fragrance captures the essence of comfort, making it your perfect companion for autumn and winter. With a scent reminiscent of a spicy, nutty cocktail, it’s a gourmand delight that leaves an indelible mark.

Cocktail Intense by Fragrance World


Fragrance Notes Of Cocktail Intense by Fragrance World

Top notes: Cognac
Middle notes: Cinnamon, Tonka Bean, Oak
Base notes: Praline, Vanilla, Sandalwood
Fragrance category:
Spicy, Warm, Woody

Story of Cocktail Intense by Fragrance World

This fragrance is a splendid clone of “Angels’ Share” by Kilian, renowned for its sophisticated aroma. “Fragrance World Cocktail Intense” offers you the same sense of luxury but at a fraction of the price, proving that elegance need not come at an extravagant cost.

Warmth in a Bottle: As the days grow shorter and the nights colder, wrap yourself in the comforting embrace of this fragrance. It’s an excellent choice for nighttime wear or those special occasions where you want to leave a memorable impression.

The scent profile of “Fragrance World Cocktail Intense” is a delectable mix of praline, vanilla, and the subtle spiciness of cinnamon. It’s a scent that’s not just alluring; it’s downright addictive.

Long-Lasting Luxury: One spray can last for hours, allowing you to revel in its inviting aroma without the need for constant reapplication.

Designed for both men and women, “Fragrance World Cocktail Intense” blurs the lines of gender in pursuit of pure elegance. While the original might be a treasure, “Fragrance World Cocktail Intense” is a treasure trove of savings. It’s a testament to the fact that luxury doesn’t have to be exorbitant.

Compliment Magnet: Prepare to receive compliments as this fragrance captivates those around you. Its unique blend of warmth and sophistication is a winning combination.

Toast to elegance and embrace the season with “Fragrance World Cocktail Intense.” It’s more than a scent; it’s a celebration of comfort and class.


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