Lattafa Fakhar Gold Extrait De Parfum 100ml



Fakhar Gold Extrait 100ml By Lattafa

Elevate your fragrance collection with “Lattafa Fakhar Gold Extrait,” a scent that exudes opulence and distinctiveness. This exquisite perfume is a harmonious blend of carefully selected notes, making it a standout addition to your olfactory journey.

Fragrance Notes Of Lattafa Fakhar Gold Extrait

  • Tuberose: Immerse yourself in the elegance of tuberose.
  • Salt: Experience a touch of salt, adding uniqueness to the composition.
  • Solar Notes: Bask in the radiance of solar notes that brighten your senses.
  • Ambergris: The depth of ambergris enhances the fragrance’s allure.
  • Monoi Oil: Monoi oil adds a tropical and exotic facet to this composition.
  • Leather: Enjoy the subtle hint of leather that adds sophistication.
  • Cashmeran: Revel in the comforting notes of cashmeran.
  • Labdanum: Labdanum contributes to the fragrance’s complexity.
  • Pine: The refreshing scent of pine enhances the overall experience.

“Lattafa Fakhar Gold Extrait” takes inspiration from the timeless “One Million Parfum” by Paco Rabanne. It captures the essence of sophistication and luxury, providing you with a fragrance experience that’s second to none.

Lattafa Fakhar Gold Extrait

Performance and Versatility Of Lattafa Fakhar Gold Extrait

This perfume boasts exceptional performance, making it suitable for all seasons. Its versatility allows you to wear it on any occasion, from formal gatherings to casual outings.

Elevate your daily scent with the opulence and distinction of “Lattafa Fakhar Gold Extrait.” Order now and immerse yourself in a fragrance that defines luxury.


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