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Lattafa Yara Eau De Parfum 100ml


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Lattafa Yara Eau De Parfum 100ml Perfume Spray

Lattafa Yara Eau De Parfum, a fragrance that will transport you to a world of luxury and sophistication. Released in 2020, this scent has soared in popularity with its unique blend of floral and fruity notes, topped off with an alluring musky base.

Lattafa Yara Pink is a floral-fruity fragrance that has gained popularity in recent years. It is a sweet and refreshing scent. Lattafa Yara is known for its longevity and projection, making it a great choice for those looking for a long-lasting scent. Lattafa Yara Pink is versatile enough to be worn on a variety of occasions, and it is available at an affordable price point, making it accessible to a wide range of fragrance enthusiasts

  • Top Notes: Heliotrope, Orchid, Tangerine
  • Middle Notes: Gourmand Accord, Tropical Fruits
  • Base Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk

Yara-edp-perfumeLattafa Yara Pink has gained popularity for several reasons. Firstly, it features a pleasant and refreshing scent that is both sweet and floral, making it appealing to a wide range of people. Additionally, it is known for its long-lasting and strong projection, which ensures that the fragrance stays with the wearer throughout the day.

Furthermore, Lattafa Yara Pink is available at an affordable price point, making it accessible to those who may not want to spend a lot of money on a fragrance. Lastly, the brand Lattafa has gained a strong following in recent years, with many of their fragrances becoming popular among fragrance enthusiasts, which has helped to increase the popularity of Lattafa Yara Pink as well.

Lattafa Yara Longevity and Projection

Lattafa Yara Pink is known for its impressive longevity and projection, which are two important factors that fragrance enthusiasts consider when choosing a scent. The fragrance has a long-lasting effect on the skin, with many users reporting that it can last for up to 8-10 hours or more, depending on the skin type and environmental factors.

In terms of projection, Lattafa Yara Pink is considered to be a moderate to strong fragrance, which means that it can be noticed by those around the wearer. However, it is not overpowering or overwhelming, making it suitable for wearing in a variety of settings.

Overall, the impressive longevity and projection of Lattafa Yara Pink make it a great choice for those who want a fragrance that will last throughout the day and leave a lasting impression.


Composition Lattafa Yara

The composition of Lattafa Yara perfume is nothing short of magical. The top notes of heliotrope, orchid, and tangerine create a sweet and floral aroma that will tantalize your senses. As the scent lingers, the middle notes of gourmand accord and tropical fruits come to life, adding a fruity and exotic touch to the fragrance. Finally, the base notes of vanilla, musk, and sandalwood tie it all together, creating a warm and sensual aroma that will leave a lasting impression.

Top notes: Heliotrope, Orchid, Tangerine
Middle notes: Gourmand Accord, Tropical Fruits
Base notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk
Fragrance category: Fruity, Floral

Lattafa Yara perfume is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re heading out for a night on the town or a day at the office. Its long-lasting fragrance will keep you smelling fresh and alluring throughout the day, while its sophisticated composition will leave a lasting impression on anyone you meet.

The bottle itself is a work of art, with its sleek and stylish design perfectly encapsulating the luxuriousness of the fragrance inside. The bottle is predominantly pink, with silver accents, adding to its feminine and elegant aesthetic. The pink color represents femininity, while the silver adds a touch of modernity and sophistication.

Occasions To WearYara perfume

Lattafa Yara Pink is a versatile fragrance that can be worn on a variety of occasions, making it a popular choice among fragrance enthusiasts. Here are some occasions where this fragrance can be worn:

  1. Casual outings: Lattafa Yara Pink’s sweet and floral scent makes it a great choice for casual outings like brunch with friends or a day out shopping.
  2. Romantic dates: The fruity and floral notes of this fragrance make it a great choice for romantic dates. The sweetness of the raspberry and peach notes adds a touch of playfulness and romance to the scent.
  3. Formal events: While Lattafa Yara Pink is not a traditional formal scent, it can be worn to events like weddings or cocktail parties. Its moderate to strong projection ensures that the fragrance will be noticed without being overpowering.
  4. Work settings: Lattafa Yara Pink’s moderate projection and pleasant scent make it a suitable fragrance for the workplace. However, it is important to apply the fragrance lightly to avoid overwhelming others.

Overall, Lattafa Yara Pink is a versatile fragrance that can be worn on a variety of occasions, making it a great addition to any fragrance collection.


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